Compress Large Audio Files for Email

Know how to compress audio files for email

Usually, each mail server has some limit of file size and users are allowed to upload files up to the size defined by mail server. Maximum file size that is allowed by each mail server varies from server to server. For example, Gmail facilitates user to send file with maximum size 25 MB and in Webmail it is 50 MB. So if you want to send audio files of a size that is greater than the size allowed by particular mail server then it is necessary to compress those files. Apart from this, you may have to wait for a couple of minute to upload large audio file to the mail server. Now if you are emailing large size audio files frequently, it is important to know how to compress large audio files for email. By reducing total size of audio files you can save your precious time while emailing.

If you have to send a single audio file then you can simply attach it while composing email message but think a situation where you need to send multiple large audio files via email. In spite of wasting time in composing email one by one with single audio file, it is far better to send all files in a single attempt. For this you need to compress all audio files for email. On Windows computers, you get an option where you can compress large audio files when composing email. Let us have a look on following steps:

  1. Click on Compose option to ready an email message and then use Attachment or Attach File or whatever option is provided on your email client’s window.
  2. Browse an audio file that you wish to transfer via email message in file selector window.
  3. Right click on particular audio file and then send to Compressed (Zipped) folder.
  4. Audio file will be compressed quickly by Windows OS to produce a new compressed file. You can rename it or set out it with the same name.
  5. Finally, attach your newly generated compressed audio file to the email attachment and send it.

Along with above mentioned options, you can try another smart option that is utilization of third party file archiver such Remo MORE. Just install this app on your system and when you want to compose email message to send large audio files, simply right click on that audio file and use Remo MORE RZip option to compress and email audio files. You can employ this smart tool on all major versions of Macintosh and Windows OS.  With this app, you can compress kinds of audio files such as .amr, .mp3, .aac, .wav etc. Similarly, you have option to zip large video files and pictures.

Steps to compress large audio files for email

Step 1: Download and install this app and select Manage option from main window. From next window, select "Compress & Burn" option as shown in figure A.

Compress Large Audio Files for Email - Home Window

Figure A: Home Window

Step 2: Now, select Zip option and then tap on Create New RZip option as shown in figure B.

Compress Large Audio Files for Email - Create New RZip File

Figure B: Create New RZip File

Step 3: Add all your audio files which you want to compress and then click on Compress option to initiate process as shown in figure C.

Compress Large Audio Files for Email - Add Audio Files

Figure C: Add Audio Files