Recover Deleted Audio

Tool to Recover Deleted Audio Files

Music always helps you to get into the right frame of mind. And the audio files that you listen on your computer help to get rid of your hectic work. However, sometimes while searching one of your favorite audio file from computer you get a bombshell. You will get a popup window on screen saying audio file which you are searching is not found. Most often this may happen due to infection of malicious virus. If this kind of situation ever occurs in your life, don’t lose your hope, as you easily recover deleted audio files from computer. Recover Audio is one such reliable tool which has a capability to restore audio files from any storage drive which can be accessed via a computer.

Whether it may be an audio file or file of any format, you cannot avoid the uncertainties. As accidents can happen and will always happen at any time. If any kind of drastic situation comes, it’s unfortunate that you have to lose your important audio files. In such critical times, most of the users think that they cannot bring their favorite audio files back. However, this is incorrect notion!! As you can easily restore audio files, provided how quickly you act upon. Audio Restore is one such strong and efficient tool when it comes to get back lost or deleted audio files from your computer.

Before knowing about how to recover deleted audio files, let us walk through some of the most common reasons for deletion of audio files.

  • Harmful threats such as malicious virus or spyware can corrupt the file system of your storage drive and also duplicates or rename your original audio file and sometimes it results in deletion of audio files which you have stored on computer.
  • Sometimes while searching your favorite audio file to listen, if you accidentally delete audio thinking that it is not needed anymore. However, while checking, you come to know that you have deleted the audio file which is important to you. In such times, you have to forfeit your favorite audio file. After deletion of music from system, employ this application for quick recovery. To carry out this recovery operation on Windows 8, use this link:

No matter how you have been deleted audio files, Recover Audio tool will recover deleted audio files back from iPods and other media devices at your fingertips. Folloy this link top recover lost music files from iPod: This tool has an advanced search engine which has a capability to search all deleted audio files at one go and restores all of them using unique file signatures. In addition to audio files, you can also perform wav file recovery by using this tool. The best feature of this tool is its find option, through which you can search any audio file from the list or recovered files. Moreover, Recover Audio is the best tool when it comes to retrieve songs from iPod. It is well appreciated tool to retrieve lost or deleted audio files from various storage drives like flash drives, FireWire drives, iPods, external hard drives, USB drives etc. You can utilize this tool to recover deleted audio files from SD card after a click on

You need to follow few simple steps to restore deleted audio files

Step 1: First, download Recover Audio software and install it on your computer then run the tool to open its home wizard as shown in figure a.

Recover Deleted Audio Files - Home Wizard

Figure a: Home Wizard

Step 2: Select the partition to start recovery process from the list of logical drives as shown in figure b.

Restore Deleted Audio Files - Select Partition

Figure b: Select Partition

Step 3: In this wizard, you will get to see the list of retrieved audio files as shown in figure c.

Retrieve Deleted Audio Files - List of Retrieved Audio Files

Figure c: List of Retrieved Audio Files