How to Recover Mp3 Files From Google Nexus

Google Nexus Mp3 File Recovery

Google Nexus brings better experience to Android users with its larger screen, impressive performance, HD display. Availability of different Google apps and huge internal memory easily attracts everyone. You can store different types of file including essential images, favorite music, HD video, application etc. Most of the Smartphone users maintain a huge collection of mp3 music to overlook the loneliness. Like any other data, mp3 files may also be deleted or lost from the Nexus phone in several instances. Loss of favorite music is a very annoying situation for music lover. If it happens on your Nexus smart phone, will you accept that silently or want to know how to recover MP3 files from Google Nexus? If you want to find your essential music immediately, you need Recover Audio software that is smart tool specially designed for MP3 recovery.

However, deletion of music files may happen in plenty of circumstances, there is a good chance of recovery using an efficient tool. You will be happy by knowing that after deletion of files from Google Nexus, they are not completely removed from memory location. Music recovery on Android phone is easily possible until they are replaced by another data. Therefore, if you are losing your beloved music files, immediately use this Recover Audio utility to recover mp3 files from Google Nexus. It is very effective to retrieve all types of music including MP3, MP4A, WAV, MIDI etc. You can follow this link to recover Wav files:

Music files on Android device are generally deleted by user unintentionally. You may delete essential music file unknowingly at the time of deletion of unnecessary music. Many times, we remove needless music files to free up some memory space. If you accidentally select important MP3 file, you will lose them. Besides deletion of file, entire data including .mp3 files may be lost from Google Nexus after formatting the memory card. Then, recover Audio tool will help you to recover music from memory card. If you restore the smart phone to its factory settings then also you will lose all information. Even, due to mishandling of Nexus Smartphone or tablet, you may lose mp3 files unexpectedly. Due to power failure or any other interruption in data transfer may also be the reason of data loss.

Excluding those above reasons, if you lose MP3 file from your Google Nexus due to any other reason, no need to panic. This Recover Audio software is specially designed to recover MP3 files from Google Nexus in different deletion or loss circumstances. It will be very effective to recover songs from iPod besides Nexus mobiles & Tablets. Apart from music file recovery, you can also restore images, videos and other files employing this expert tool. This application is compatible on different Windows, Mac & Android operating system to recover Mp3 files from Google Nexus One, Nexus S smart phones as well as Nexus 5, 7, 10 tablets. If you want to recover music on Windows 8 computer, this link will help you:

How to Recover Mp3 Files From Google Nexus:

Step 1: First, download and install this recovery program on your computer and connect the Nexus smart phone to it. After launching, you have to select "Recover Photos" option and the appropriate option from the main window.

How to Recover Mp3 Files From Google Nexus - Main Window

Fig 1: Main Window

Step 2: Now, select your Google Nexus stirage device from you lost your MP3 file and click on "Next" button to initiate recovery.

Recover Audio File on Nexus - Select SD Card

Fig 2: Select Appropriate Drive

Step 3: When the recovery process will be completed, you will see the list of restored MP3 files as shown in below figure.

Google Nexus Music Recovery - Restored MP3 Files

Fig 3: Restored MP3 Files