Recover Audio on iPod

Simple Tool to Recover Songs from iPod

Music is the universal language that works as a medicine for mind. However, once while selecting your favorite song to play on iPod, you noticed some unauthorized files. While deleting unauthorized files accidentally you committed a mistake by deleting one of your favorite songs. The unauthorized viruses turned into devil. Don’t you distress if you not able to hear your most loved songs? It will increase your distress if you don’t have backup of songs which are accidentally deleted from iPod. In such situations, you will desperately search for any option to get back your deleted songs from iPod. Fortunately, there are numerous tools available to retrieve audio files from iPod. Recover Audio is one such strong and powerful tool which helps to recover songs from iPod.

Updating iPod is simply upgrading to the latest version and eventually songs stored on iPod remains same. Nevertheless, at time there are certain occasions occurs while updating iPod like unexpected turn off can lead to loss of songs from iPod. Can you bear the loss of your favorite songs? In such cases, you need to use the backup of deleted files. In case if you don’t have backing of your valuable songs then you need to look a good recovery tool. Songs Recovery is one such software which helps to recover songs from iPod.

Following are the most common scenarios for deletion of songs from iPod.

  • If you want to eject iPod from computer, you need to remove it appropriately using safe removal option. However, if you abruptly remove iPod then you may lose songs stored on it.
  • Sometimes while transferring songs from iPod to computer, if you suddenly turn off the computer then there may be chances of losing files are more. In case if you don’t have backup of lost songs then critical data loss is guaranteed.
  • Sometimes while deleting redundant songs from iPod, if you unintentionally delete any of your important song then you have to forfeit your beloved songs.

No matter how the songs have been deleted from iPod, Recover Audio tool will easily get them back in few simple mouse clicks. This tool has a powerful scanning algorithm which scans the entire storage drive and restores all lost or deleted songs from iPod. In addition to iPod recovery, you can also restore deleted audio files or songs from flash drives, hard drive, memory sticks, external hard drives, FireWire drives etc. It provides an effective file preview option to listen the retrieved songs before restoring them. Besides audio files, one can also retrieve WAV files, video files, AMR files, MP3 files, image files etc. Moreover, you can use this software to restore various media files from most of the professional digital cameras and camcorders. On the whole, Recover Audio is the best tool when it comes to restore any types of files from any storage drive which can be accessed through a computer. For more information about how to delete music files from computer, simply follow this link

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To recover songs from iPod, you need to follow few simple steps

Step 1: To recover songs from iPod, you need to download Recover Audio tool and install it on computer then run the application to open its welcome screen as shown in figure I.

Recover Songs from iPod - Welcome Screen

Figure I: Welcome Screen

Step 2: Select the iPod from the list of logical drives as shown in figure II.

Retrieve Songs from iPod - Select iPod

Figure II: Select iPod

Step 3:The list of recovered songs from iPod will be as shown in figure III.

Restore Songs from iPod - List of recovered songs from iPod

Figure III: List of recovered songs from iPod