Protect Audio Files with Password

So you are actively searching for the best way to protect audio files with password? It’s really very good initiative if you are serious about protection of information that is important and confidential for you. To achieve this job efficiently, you need to take advantage of a smart technology about which we have discussed here on this article. So now this is very easy for you to know how to password protect audio files. Now you are also empowered with the advanced technology to keep your audio files locked with password.

Suppose you have recorded a speech or conversation that is really very important and confidential. Now if you do not wish to share it with others, you will have to make it inaccessible especially when you are sharing your storage device with friends or family members. Therefore, password protection is the suitable way to keep these audio files protected from any unauthenticated or unwanted person. Similarly, there are so many occasions where we record audios to keep memories alive for a very long time. And for this purpose you can set password on audio files to keep them secure and hidden from prying eyes.

Sometimes, we have to share sensitive audio files over network via email.  Generally emails are the fastest way of communication and you can communicate and share information over the world. So when you are working in project and need to share audio files via email attachment, it is necessary to wrap them securely or make them password protected. To protect audio files with password, you have not any specific method on your Windows or Mac computer. In this scenario what user does to password protect audio files, is use of compressed folder. By keeping audio files within a compressed folder you can set password to this zipped folder. Similarly, there are a few tricks that will make your audio files hidden on the drive but user should not try these techniques because if anyone has sufficient command on such tactics, your files will not remain hidden from them.

In spite of taking risk with above methods, you can take help of a professional or refer a third party application to protect audio files with password. There are a number of applications available in the internet that have strong tendency to apply password protection to your sensitive or valuable audio files. Remo MORE is an excellent app that is regarded as the best password protector for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices. You can launch this app on devices that are running with mentioned OS platform and lock kinds of audio files such as .amr, .aiff, .mp3, midi, .wav, .aac etc. Similarly, this software facilitates users to set password on videos, pictures, documents and other type files on USB drives, SD cards and other removable drives.

Steps to make audio files password protected

Step 1: From main screen, click on Manage option and then select File Manager option to set password on audio files as shown in figure A.

Protect Audio Files with Password - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step 2: From file manager section, you have to choose File/Folder locker option as shown in figure B.

Protect Audio Files with Password - Select File Type

Figure B: Select File/Folder Locker

Step 3: Here you can add all those audio files that you want to make password protected. Add files and click on lock option as shown in figure C.

Protect Audio Files with Password - Add Files and Lock Option

Figure C: Add Files and Lock Option