Recover WAV Audios

How to Restore WAV File?

Wave Audio or WAV Files are high quality audio files which require large storage space. An advantage of using this file format is; you can store data without the loss of audio information. However, like other files, even WAV files can also go missing from your computer. If you have a proper backup then you can easily access those WAV files again. However, if you don’t have backup, then you must need to think of an alternate solution for your crisis. If you face this kind of situation ever, then here is a most promising way to resolve your problem. Using professional Audio file recovery application, you can recover WAV files. However, when it comes to recover WAV files of any size, Recover Audio is the best tool available in the world.

Recently evolved Windows OS versions are known for their performance, consistent file system and massive set of built-in functions. However, despite being an advanced audio file format, sometimes while playing WAV file, Windows takes more time than ever before. Most often this might happen due to insufficient RAM memory or running many applications with less disk space. This indicates that your computer is facing some severe crisis and in some cases this results to loss of WAV files which are stored on computer. By using efficient recovery tool, you can easily restore lost WAV files. Audio Retrieval is one such strong and user friendly tool which helps you to retrieve all types of audio files from your computer.

Following are the most common reasons for loss of WAV files from your computer

  • File system is used to manipulate and manage files in an organized manner. Sometimes file system of your storage drive may get corrupt due to unforeseen reasons which further results in loss of all types of files including WAV files stored on that storage drive.
  • Sometimes while playing WAV files, if your computer shuts down abruptly due to sudden power failure then chances of losing WAV files are more. In case if the user doesn’t have backup of lost WAV file, then critical data loss is definite.
  • Infection of malicious virus or malware, software glitches, improper ejection of external storage drive while transferring WAV files may also results in loss of WAV files from your computer. Same kind of audio file loss can happen on SD card of different electronic gadgets. Visit at the given link, to know more:

Whatever the reason for loss of WAV files, Recover Audio tool will restore them back in few simple mouse clicks. This tool has a highly appreciated inbuilt search engine which searches all lost or deleted files and restores them in few minutes. In addition to WAV files, you can also get back deleted audio files by using this software. Besides audio and WAV files, one can restore various types of files like movies, video files, spreadsheets, zip archives, RAR files etc. Moreover, you can use this tool to get back songs from iPod, flash drive, memory stick, external hard drive, FireWire drive, USB drive etc. Click on if you want to recover deleted iTunes songs on Mac system. Moreover if you need to recover music files from memory cards like SD, xD, CF etc, then also you can employ this tool for easy recovery. Go through this link to restore deleted music from memory card:

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Simple steps to recover WAV files

Step 1: Download Recover Audio tool and install it on your PC/laptop then run the utility to open its home screen as shown in figure A.

Recover WAV File - Home Screen

Figure A: Home Screen

Step 2: Select the drive from where you have lost or deleted WAV files from the list of logical drives as shown in figure B.

Recover WAV File - Select Drive

Figure B: Select Drive

Step 3: The list of recovered WAV files will be as shown in figure C.

Recover WAV File - List of Recovered WAV Files

Figure C: List of Recovered WAV Files